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Our Mission

Mediciti College of Nursing is committed to excellence in nursing education, research and the development of leadership skills and human values. The nursing education emphasizes the importance of maintaining the highest professional standards in the care of patients.The college and faculty strive to provide an outstanding technical education to its students while highlighting the importance of the values of empathy and compassion in the healing process.

Our Vision

Mediciti College of Nursing is center for excellence in Nursing Education,geared towards preparation of creative, caring and competent Nursing professionals by an expression of Indian concern for health and wellbeing of the Society.

Aims and Objectives of the College of Nursing

Mediciti College of Nursing offers B.Sc. Nursing 4 years Degree course
Mediciti College of Nursing is training nurses with an objective to induce and develop the students with the following capabilities:
  • Practice as a nurse with competence to: assess the nursing needs of individuals, families and communities throughout life, from birth to death. Plan appropriate action to meet their needs through efficient and effective nursing care. Work with other members of health team and the community in professional restoration of health, prevention of illness and rehabilitation. Evaluate effective of nursing and health care activities.
  • Apply relevant knowledge from the humanities, biological and behavioral sciences in carrying out health care and nursing activities
  • Show sensitivity and skill in human relationships and communication in daily work
  • Demonstrate the skill in the use of problem solving methods in nursing practice.
  • Gain knowledge in health resources in the community and the country.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills in working with the health team, community and others, in the provision of health care
  • Demonstrate the understanding of the commitment to professional behavior.
  • Demonstrate in self-awareness and ability of self evaluation in personal and professional life.
  • Develop a sense of commitment.
  • Prepare and promote exchange of nursing education and service with other countries
  • Develop skills in teaching formally and informally in class-room setting, in clinical area and in the community field.
  • Develop managerial skills and communication skills.
  • Develop and demonstrate benevolent leadership qualities of integrity, responsibility and understanding and take right decisions in various situations
  • Practice ethical values in personal and professional life.